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Tournament Of Champions

Posted By:CPWwebhead on 09-28-03

  • CPW's Tournament Of Champions results

  • Victor Stone D. Trace Michaels
  • Kris King D. Travis Lynn
  • Canadian Badboy D. Dark Shadow
  • Adam Cage D. Raymond Wright
  • The Stro D. Death Falcon Zero
  • J.T. Lightning D. Bobby Blaze
  • Jeremy Bates D. Buff Bagwell

  • Tournament Of Champions

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 08-7-03

  • CPW is planning it's next HUGE show for all the fans! WCW Superstar Buff Bagwell has been signed to go head to head with "The Beast" Jeremy Bates! Go check it out in the Upcoming Section

  • PWI

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 08-5-03

  • CPW results of the 6-01-03 show as listed in the October 2003 issue of PWI

  • Clip of the Month

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 07-5-03
  • CPW will now be doing a "Clip of the Month!" and post it here after every show. You can send your own clips to CPWwebmaster@yahoo.com. It may just be "Clip of the Month"

    Clip of the month of July.
  • Spear!
  • Articles

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 07-4-03
  • The "Real" Corner Stone is back.

  • Aftershow

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 06-30-03
  • "Stigma Within" Gallery
  • Past Events Updated
  • Updated roasters page.
  • Match History updated.
  • Match Results
    Juggulator D. Bucky Money
    Shane Storm D. Victor Stone
    Trace Michaels D. Death Falcon Zero
    Scab and Suicide Kyd D. Kris King and Travis Lynn
    Bobby Blaze Vs The Stro TBA

  • Articles

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 06-25-03
  • Scab wrote is own version of the Corner Stone.

  • Upcomming

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 06-22-03
  • June 29th card has been updated.

  • Galleries/Roster

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 06-05-03
  • Aftermath gallery has been added.
  • Match History updated for each wrestler.

  • Event/Card

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-28-03
  • Match added to the June 1st card.
  • Features have been added in "Upcomming".

  • Event/Card

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-25-03
  • Match added to the June 1st card.
  • Another show has been added to the "Upcoming" section.

  • Roster

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-18-03
  • June 1st card has changed.

  • Roster

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-16-03
  • One name has been added to the roster.

  • Card

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-14-03
  • The current card for the June 1st show is now up..

  • Articles

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-09-03
  • There is now 3 articles in the article section.

  • Past Events

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-08-03
  • More Pictures Posted.
  • Apocolypse in Ashland gallery made 56K friendly.

  • Past Events

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-06-03
  • An outline of Apocolypse in Ashland has been placed in the Past Events section.
  • Apocolypse in Ashland now has a gallery.

  • Match History Update

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 05-05-03
  • Match history for the May 4th event has been put in place.

  • Card Update

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 04-22-03
  • The card for "Apocolypse In Ashland" has been changed drasticly.
  • Travis Lynn now has a picture up in his bio.

  • Roster Update

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 04-17-03
  • Kris Kings CPW match history is now in his bio.
  • Shane Storm's and Bobby Blaze's bios are now up.

  • Roster Update

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 04-15-03
  • Travis Lynn's, Death Falcon's, and "Buzzsaw" Jones' Bios are now up.

  • Site Update

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 04-14-03
  • Well check out the updated info on the CPW event "Apocolapse In Ashland".
  • Roster page is being updated constantly. Kris King's,Scab's,and Suicide Kyd's bios are up and others are on there way, so keep coming back.
  • A match change has occured. Suicide Kyd will no longer be facing Scab. He will now be facing Travis Lynn in the first bout.

  • Event-May 4th

    Posted By:CPWwebhead on 04-13-03
  • CPW is planing a show on May 4th. Information is limited at this time. All we know is that it's gonna be good.