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Suicide Kyd






  • Moment Of Sanity
  • Suicide Bomb
  • Signatures:

  • Homicide
  • Super Kick
  • Snaping Leg Drop
  • CPW Match History

    May 4, 2003Suicide Kyd Vs Travis LynnAshland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)After an interference from Scab, Suicide Kyd pulled out a Superkick from no where to win the match.
    May 4, 2003Battle RoyalAshland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)Referee Victor is sick of everything, he then takes off his stripes and starts tossing ppl out. Scab thinks he is the winner. Victor then slams him. Victor then gets out of the ring, leaving Scab the winner.
    June 1, 2003Scab Vs Suicide KydAshland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)Scab goes to the top rope to hit his moonsault, but Kyd is watching for it. Suicide moves out of the way at the last second then hits the "Moment of Sanity". Suicide Kyd wins again.
    June 29, 2003Kris King and Travis Lynn Vs Scab and Suicide Kyd (The Apocolypse)Ashland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)Victor Stone busted in to the match helping King and Lynn. Travis and Kris set up a table with Stone spearing scab through it. The Apocolypse wins by DQ