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Shane Storm






  • Money In The Bank
  • Signatures:

  • Back Elbow
  • Flip-over Neck Whip
  • Leg Lariat
  • CPW Match History

    November 3, 2001Shane Storm Vs Kris KingAshland, KY(Crabbe Elementary)Kris King wins with the use of a Diamond Dust
    November 30, 2002Shane Storm Vs Kenny WynnAshland, KY (Kentucky National Guard Armory)Wynn wins the match.
    January 31, 2003Shane Storm Vs Adam CageAshland, KY (Kentucky National Guard Armory)Storm loses to Adam Cage.
    January 31, 2003Shane Storm & Kris King Vs The Canadian BadboyAshland, KY (Kentucky National Guard Armory)Canadian Badboy picks up the win with a middle rop splash.
    May 4, 2003Shane Storm Vs ScabAshland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)Scab thinking he had the upperhand tring to do a rollup on Storm. But Shane Storm just put the "Money in the Bank"
    May 4, 2003Battle RoyalAshland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)Referee Victor is sick of everything, he then takes off his stripes and starts tossing ppl out. Scab thinks he is the winner. Victor then slams him. Victor then gets out of the ring, leaving Scab the winner.
    June 1, 2003Shane Storm Vs Brian "Buzzsaw" JonesAshland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)Pulling the Buzzcutter out of no where Buzzsaw got the pin.
    June 29, 2003Shane Storm Vs Victor StoneAshland, KY (Prichard Lawn Care)Suicide Kyd came to the ring destracting the ref while Scab laid out Stone with a board. Shane then rolled over and got the win.