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Aftermath - June 1st 2003

  • Intro

    "Stigma" opened the show with their rock music. They just tore the place up. Then they started to announce the show.

  • Scab Vs Suicide Kyd

    The match started off, Kyd gained the upper hand with a leg sweep then he just tossed Scab out of the ring. When Scab gets back in the ring Suicide goes for the sweep again, but Scab avoids it. Later in the match Kyd nails a high impact DDT on Scab. He then goes to the top and signles the Frog Splash. He goes for it but finds that he has just planted his face into the mat. Scab then gets the upper hand and starts at Kyd's leg. after pummeling it for awhile he goes for a moonsault... boy guess what? HE MISSED IT! Kyd quickly hits him with the "Moment of Sanity" and gets the 1,2,3Vito then takes off his stripes and throws them in Scab's Face.

  • Shane Storm Vs Buzzsaw

    The match started off back and forth trying to get pins in anywhere they could. Storm was suggesting to the ref to check to see if Buzzsaw was cheating...The ref ,Scab, believed Storm and tried to stop Buzzsaw from cheating. Buzzsaw was finally got fed up with Storm antics and told Scab to ask the audience. They agreed that Buzzsaw was not cheating. The match went on and Buzzsaw pull out the victory with the Buzzkiller.

  • Victor Stone Vs Hannable

    As Hannable came out Victor instructed the ref to have Hannable's mask taken off. Hannable started to foam at the mouth. Stone didn't know what was going on so he jumped out of the ring. Hannable walked over to the ref and whipped his mouth off on Scab's stripes. The match finally got on its way, with Hannable taking charge. Mr. Stone again got out of the ring, but when he got back in he was ready. Thinking he was going to win he started to get cocky and went for a second Jackhammer. Hannable then reversed it into a pin. 1,2....Stone kicks out. When Hannable starts to get up he sees Death Falcon Zero in his face and BLAM! Hannable was hit by dirt again. Victor then picks up Hannable and does his Running Power Slam for the real 1,2,3.

  • Kris King Vs Travis Lynn

    The match started off with both wrestlers ready. They countered everything the other one had keeping on there feet. Finally King found an opening and took it. Lynn then found his opening to make a comeback. This match was back and forth the whole way through. But in the end Kris King gained the win.

  • Death Falcon Zero Vs Bobby Blaze.

    As Bobby made his way to the ring Falcon just rushed him before the match even started. The ref finally pulled Zero back and Blaze got in the ring, you could tell that there was fire in his eyes now. Bobby gained the advantage fast, taking over the match. But Death Falcon turned the tides with his Exploder Suplex. And when it came down to the end Bobby hit the Norther lights Suplex...but what's this the ref has dropped his stripes and has a ladder in hand with a Suicide Kyd attached. The duo slams it against Blaze.