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Apocolypse In Ashland - May 4th 2003

  • Intro

    The day started off with Referee Bill getting fired. His replacement was already in stripes, Victor Stone was his name. This man is huge and doesn't take shit from anyone.

  • Death Falcon Zero Vs Hannable.

    The match starts off with Death Falcon jumping Hannable from behind. After Death Falcon does a few moves to Hannable the tides turn. Death Falcon didn't seem to want any of it so he slid out of the ring. After the ref counts a few Falcon decides gets back in. Hannable gets right back on Death Falcon. The match goes on and then finally Hannable locks on his Sleeper Hold. The ref starts checking for anything. Victor then just walks off checking a turnbuckle or something. Death Falcon then shoves Hannable into a turnbuckle and tosses powder into Hannable's eyes. Death Falcon goes for the school boy and hears the 1-2-3. Death Falcon Wins.

  • Suicide Kyd Vs Travis Lynn

    The debut of two young wrestlers. The match started off with the two wrestlers countering each other at each turn. Then Travis drops down a drop toehold to get the upper hand. Both of the wrestlers were show off there cruiser weight abilities with there flipping and kipping to keep on top. Travis hits the I'm Prettier and knows Suicide Kyd won't be getting back up. Then all of a sudden Scab comes out and blasts Travis with a hockey stick. Kyd makes his way to his feet measuring Travis as he gets up. Kyd hits the superkick right in Travis' Jaw... then the 1-2-3. What an upset.

  • Brian "Buzzsaw" Jones Vs Pitbull

    Buzzsaw came to the ring thinking he was facing a lightweight. Victor the referee saw that Buzzsaw had put on a little weight and called for the scales. Victor looked readjusted and looked again, Buzzsaw was above 200Ibs. Victor called for the Pitbull. Pitbull pretty much dominated the whole match. Although Buzzsaw did get his moments. Out of the back came a masked wrestler with the scales. He slides them to the middle of the ring. Pitbull plants Buzzsaw on them with a nice DDT. Pitbull wins it.

  • Shane Storm vs Scab

    Scab came out and got on the bad side of the ref by going to the wrong corner not once but twice. The match started off with Storm on top, taking advantage of Scabs inexperience. Scab finally turned the tides catching Storm during a cross-body, then slamming him with the Scabplex. Scab then went right after Storms legs. Grabbing the ropes as he put on the submission holds. The official saw this and made sure he stopped. After a few more attempts to finish off Storm, Scab throws him to a corner. But to his surprise Storm throws him instead. Scab out of desperation goes for a roll up. Storm was hoping for this cause he just puts the "Money in the Bank" and Scab hears the 1-2-3. Storm wins.

  • Kris King vs Bobby Blaze

    A great exhibition match. Both wrestlers showed off there skills from mat wrestling to top rope flying. Bobby finally went for the Blazebomb, but somehow Blazes shoulders were down and Kris' were still off the mat. Kris King wins.

  • Battle Royal

    As soon as Victor raised Kris Kings hand. Death Falcon Zero came out and knocked Kris' head into Blaze's. Falcon then gave them a few slams. His mistake was turning his back on Kris King. Kris hit him from the back, Bobby then joined in on the beating action. They then double suplex on Falcon, and got up to look at the crowd. Scab and Suicide Kyd then came in and blind sided them both. Bobby and Kris shook it off and went right back at them. As soon as Scab and Kyd start to get the upper hand again Travis Lynn and Hannable come out to help save the day. After that the whole locker room rushes out. It is total chaos in the ring. One by one bodies fly out of the ring. Victor gets fed up with all the wrestlers and takes off his stripes and starts tossing them out himself. Finally Scab is left in the ring. He thinks he has one the match. Victor then walks over and starts to shake his hand. Victor kicks Scab then does a running powerslam to him.

    While all this mayhem is going on Kris King and Bobby Blaze are setting up a ladder. Suicide Kyd sees his friend in the ring beat up and goes and tries to help him up. All of a sudden they turn around and off that ladder comes Travis Lynn with a flying forearm to Scab and Kyd. All of the wrestlers start throwing stuff in the ring. Travis Rolls out to throw some stuff of his own. It is total chaos as Scab and Suicide Kyd lay in the ring beat up and bruised.