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Aftermath - June 1st 2003

  • Intro

    "Stigma" returned to the seen of the crime and played another awesome show.

  • Bucky Money Vs The Juggulator

    Due to injury JD escalade did not make it to the show, so the Juggulator got to face the green boy Bucky Money. The Juggulator took advantage of this quick with a few drop toe holds and some slappin' to the head. He couldn't believe they put him against some one like this. Money then hits a drop toe hold of his own and slaps The Juggulator around. Jugg just slips out of the ring. Bucky seems ready now. Juggs gets back in the ring but money takes the advantage. Finally Juggulator finds his moment and locks in the Dragon Sleeper....Money couldn't cash in on this match so he just tapped out.

  • Victor Stone Vs Shane Storm

    At first Storm was taking the advantage of the match with his speed. You could tell Stone didn't like this one bit. When Victor finally got ahold of Storm it was up, up and away with a Jackhammer! Then all of a sudden Suicide Kyd appeared at ring side and the Ref was tring to get him away. Victor went and got him away...but Scab was on the other side and Stone charged at him also...WHAM! Victor was laid flat with a 2x4. Storm slowly rolls over ontop of Stone for the win.

  • Death Falcon Zero Vs Trace Michaels

    As Death Falcon came out he had an envelope with him. He handed it over to the ring announcer. It stated "That Hannable was being sued for the usage of the name." Meaning that by default Death Falcon was the winner. Wait hold on Hannable is making his way out anyhow. He is talking to the ring announcer. What's this he can wrestle. His license says "Trace Michaels". The ref says ring the bell cause the match is on it's way. These two men hate eachother beyond anything else. both would do anything to win, and it showed. This match was up and down, back and forth. Then finally Death Falcon pulls out the salt cause he knows he isn't going to out wrestle this guy, Trace Michaels. But what is this Trace kicks it back in his face! Then puts him up for the DVD! 1,2,3 Trace wins!

  • Kris King and Travis Lynn Vs The Apocolypse (Suicide Kyd and Scab)

    This tag match started off with Kyd and Lynn in the ring. Travis quickly gained the advantage over kyd. Making a tag to Kris. Tagging back and forth King and Lynn started working over Kyd. Then Kyd reversed and handed the arm to Scab as he distracted the ref. And again this happend...but the Third time Scab didn't know he had the arm of Kyd till King was on the outside...Travis then dropkicks Kyd in the back, both Scab and Suicide are on the outside. King quickly slides back in, Lynn then runs of King's back doing a SentonBomb to the outside nailing both Kyd and Scab. The crowd was going nuts. Travis goes back to his corner a little messed up. Kyd gets back in and runs right into an armdrag Suicide quickly rackes Kris' eyes and tags Scab in. He also runs right into an armdrag. King then tags in Lynn. They whip him off the ropes, then the double leap frog, BLAM! Double SuperKicks. At this point both King and Lynn turn around and BLAM! another Double Super Kick to Kyd. The crowd is insane at this point. Scab then comes rushing in right into an armdrag of Lynn's. Travis starts to work on Scab's arm when Scab just kicks him. He then whips him off and Kyd kicks him in the back. Scab runs right up planting Lynn with the DDT. Automaticly he tags in Kyd. Both Kyd and Scab start working on Lynn's legs, why would they want him running around doing flips and stuff. Back and forth they would tag in and out not letting him tag out. Finally Travis found and opening and kicked Scab with an Insuguri. As Lynn crawled back to his corner Scab grabbed him taking him back to kyd tagging him in. They started to beat him against the turnbuckle. But Travis finally broke free and rolled across the ring tagging in King. King just cleaned house. Lynn was recovered by this point and they each took a member of The Apocolypse to opposite turnbuckles whipping them at one another...The Apocolypse has seen this one before so Scab leapfrogged over a rolling Kyd. BLAM they kicked King and Lynn at the same time. Then did spinning DDTs simultaneously. Both going up to the top rope...But what's this Victor Stone come in and pulls racks kyd on the turnbuckle but Scab hits the moonsault. Victor then goes over to Scab and gets him off Lynn. The Ref calls a DQ on King and Lynn. But Victor doesn't seem to care cause he is doing a Jackhammer to Scab in the middle of the ring. While that is going on King and Lynn are setting up a table in the corner. Then they place Scab on it....STONE SPEARS SCAB THROUGH IT!

  • Bobby Blaze Vs The Stro.